Matsus X Reader (One Shots)

Matsus X Reader (One Shots)

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Osomatsu girl ♡ By ToffieChan Updated 13 minutes ago

I don't know. Random stories that pop up in my head featuring the Matsu's. Enjoy. This will contain 

♡ fluff

//I don't own the art in here or anything else exept the stories;;

-Toffie out.

Can you do a jyushimatsu x reader plz? One where they go on a date and ends romantically?
@ToffieChan I feel you, but thank you for accepting it take your time >v<
how about various x reader? The brothers invite the reader to go to the beach with them and you think of the rest idk XD
Todomatsu X Emo!Reader. With the reader and him have been friends for a while and since the reader is Emo they're emotionally block off but Totty helps them a little bit by confessing. I don't know, you can write it the way you want to write it.