Drowning Into The Sea Of Hatred

Drowning Into The Sea Of Hatred

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Hopelessone- By hopelessone- Updated Sep 01

Naruto - cheerfull, always smiling, loud, troublemaker... Wrong.. 
He's not as happy as he looks, he's been hurt. He just takes the pain, trying to save his comrades, and everyone in the village. He stays quiet, he stays alone. Even when Kyuubi goes on a rampage, he's willing to suffer for the sake of others


"Why do I have to have these nightmare again? Why is it always me who has to feel like this? Why is it only me that suffers this badly?

It feels like I'm drowning into the sea of hatred"

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If I was Naruto, I would be like 'fück y'all, I'm going to live with Panda-chan over in Suna' and just leave.
Those horrible mo$&$& f$&$&& they'll pay I'm gonna rip out there lungs and eyes and scarf it down there b$&$ a$&$&$ throats...............................whew done * wipes sweat from forehead
You know what I hate more then rapists a child moelster *pulls out katana * ....run..
supernatural1k supernatural1k Aug 20, 2016
I like it although it's sad that's what makes it good 👌👌 I enjoy reading you story thank you for making it