My Opinions On Fairy Tail Crackships

My Opinions On Fairy Tail Crackships

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Juvia Cheney By JuviaLovesYou327 Updated Nov 26

Opinions on FT ships... With my own little twist! Don't go hating on me like: NOOOO NATSU HAS LUCYYY AND JUVIA LIKES GRAAYYYY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


These are just opinions on crackships. You can have your own opinions but if you're gonna hate like that keep it to yourself.

Did she put 4/10 because. Levy is only like 4 something and the ship name is 4 letters?
Alamatrix Alamatrix Jul 17
Ya know, i never really thought about it be4, but they seem cute!
Kawaii , I used to ship them before Gajeel came in ..but now Nalu for lyfe!!!