Under pressure (sans x abused!reader)

Under pressure (sans x abused!reader)

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cheese-04 By cheese-04 Updated Sep 09, 2016

Your mother is an alcoholic who abuses you terribly both mentally and physically.

You father left you when you were little which made your heart hollow.

You've been trapped inside your cramped house for as long as you can remember.

You've never been loved.

You've never loved.
Most chances is that you never will.

Until you meet a lazy, pun-loving skeleton...

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Ashite_Dreemurr Ashite_Dreemurr Dec 22, 2017
For those who are American like me, 8 Euros is $9.49 is american dollars. Just to clear some confusion.
AVeryAwkwardWeirdo AVeryAwkwardWeirdo Nov 05, 2017
Me: *Perverted laughter*
                              Friendo: ...
                              Me: It said throb
                              Friendo: *Rolls eye's* I'm done with you
QueenSinnamonRoll QueenSinnamonRoll May 07, 2017
Me: *reads the title* Under pressure.... That turns the nation down- ok no I'm sorry XD
AVeryAwkwardWeirdo AVeryAwkwardWeirdo Nov 05, 2017
*Sighs while pressing their fingers to the bridges of their nose*
                              I tried to tell you
Angel2Heart Angel2Heart Jul 29, 2017
The thought of leaving this awful house.........
                              It fills you with DETERMINATION
Ashite_Dreemurr Ashite_Dreemurr Sep 13, 2017
This is somewhat akward due to the fact that I'm taller than my mom. 😂