The Taba Convention: Prologue and 1st 17 pages  (Book now widely available)

The Taba Convention: Prologue and 1st 17 pages (Book now widely available)

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Stephen William Ayers By StephenWilliamAyers Updated Dec 22, 2011

The Jordan Kline Series. Book 1.
Two deadly adversaries, one horrific conspiracy against peace.

A deadly conspiracy to blow up The Taba Convention, a peace signing ceremony to be held at the Taba Hilton complex in Egypt.

Disillusioned with the continued killing in the Mossad agency, Jordan Kline resigns to take up hotel management studies. Now the General Manager of the Sands Eilat hotel, Jordan enjoys life with his girlfriend Irit in the Red Sea resort town.

However, there are multiple assassinations, one of which Jordan witnesses. An ex colleague is taken out in the Arava, the long desert road leading from the Dead Sea to Eilat. On his way back from a business trip to Tel Aviv, Jordan witnesses the dying man’s last words. They are words that will push Jordan reluctantly back into the violent world he turned his back on.

Jordan unravels a deadly conspiracy that threatens to once again engulf the Middle East in war. He becomes the most hunted man in Israel. Forced to use all his cunning, Jordan must stay one step ahead of men that kill to fulfill their deadly ambitions. The only problem is that Jordan does not know who they are, and time is running out as the historic date of The Taba Convention approaches.

The Taba Convention is filled with surprising twists and turns, and interesting insights into the world of hotels interspersed in the suspenseful action. The future of the Middle East is in doubt right up until the climax at the Taba Hilton Hotel in Taba Egypt.

Review of The Taba Convention: “You did an excellent job of making the setting truly come alive in my imagination through your descriptions of the terrain, the businesses, the language, customs and attitudes of the diverse multitude of people that call the area home.” — Reader
Review of The Taba Convention: “Your characters are so engaging and your plot is thrilling.”…. “The story about the tourist complaining about the “Do Not Disturb” sign being ignored by the maid service had me laughing out loud.” — Reader
Review of The Taba Convention: “A great main character, a plot that is intriguing and timely, a fine writing style and a strong sense of action.” — Kurt Gutjahr, Editor.