Coffee & Cigarettes - creek

Coffee & Cigarettes - creek

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YEET By NaniTheQuiznak Completed

~ As one drinks coffee, to swallow away their problems. 
The other smokes a cigarette, hoping their problems 
go along with the smoke in the wind. ~

[omg please don't read this! My current works are waayyy better than this crap... but if you want to waste your time? Click along~]

A boy around the age of 18 suffers from lack of sleep because of his addiction to Caffeine for as long as he can remember, him always being hyper and jumpy, but even though he has lack of energy to go on with life, his insecurities about the tiniest things are also making him the slightest bit paranoid. 
Another boy also around the age of 18 has been battling a deep dark depression for as long as he can remember since his father abused his mother and sister, and disowned him, but he can't even remember why. And so, he smokes it away with cigarettes. 

Now what will happen if their family and friends force them to go to a talk-group session about problems and they finally meet? Some things might be getting interesting for both of them...

*TRIGGER WARNINGS for; BAD grammar, insults, cursing, depression, alcoholisms, boyXboy action, you may be offended, etc... Thank you. Reader discretion is advised!

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RebekaErs RebekaErs Jan 06
Man, i love your stories. You have a tallent. English is hard but you did everything by yourself. You're amazing. Do not let anyone get to you.
To be honest, I speak English but I can barely even write it properly... so I wouldn't have said anything to begin with. 
                              God I fail at everything...
SpjDgm3290 SpjDgm3290 Jan 06
Geeze some people just ruin it for the rest of us, please ignore those who are spelling hounders. And for the love of gawd could you please not delete this story!
GirlSquad3 GirlSquad3 Jan 31
I won't complain I love pronouncing words incorrectly its fun
People where talking about bad grammar? If it was me I'm super sorry..I understand your reaction to this.
OK :) I honesty don't care about spelling and gramer, its about the plot ^-^