✔Coffee & Cigarettes // creek // COMPLETED

✔Coffee & Cigarettes // creek // COMPLETED

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~ As one drinks coffee, to swallow away their problems. 
The other smokes a cigarette, hoping their problems 
go along with the smoke in the wind. ~

A boy around the age of 18 suffers from lack of sleep because of his addiction to Caffeine for as long as he can remember, him always being hyper and jumpy, but even though he has lack of energy to go on with life, his insecurities about the tiniest things are also making him the slightest bit paranoid. 
Another boy also around the age of 18 has been battling a deep dark depression for as long as he can remember since his father abused his mother and sister, and disowned him, but he can't even remember why. And so, he smokes it away with cigarettes. 

Now what will happen if their family and friends force them to go to a talk-group session about problems and they finally meet? Some things might be getting interesting for both of them...

*TRIGGER WARNINGS for; BAD grammar, insults, cursing, depression, alcoholisms, boyXboy action, you may be offended, etc... Thank you. Reader discretion is advised!

esetsch esetsch Sep 11
The four need to live together and it can be this extraordinary game of sims or something
they might be clowns, that's why you don't talk to strangers
NyaNoTalent NyaNoTalent Jul 25
STYLE FCK YAH! See I knew I could trust you author, always adding the best ships. 
NyaNoTalent NyaNoTalent Jul 25
Ey craig, go find out how many more freckles he has if u know what i am saying
NyaNoTalent NyaNoTalent Jul 25
Bruh Tweek gotta move in with Craig and Kenny can live with Butters