That Dude Lives Next Door | AOMG Gray

That Dude Lives Next Door | AOMG Gray

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dreamykpopsicles By dreamykpopsicles Updated 3 days ago

Lee Seong-hwa, a.k.a. Gray, one of the hotties in the school, got his schedule changed and now he's in class with Park Ji-yeon. He had just moved to a different house which turns out to be next to Jiyeon's house.

How Jiyeon sees Gray: Annoying, Big Ego, Thinks he's cool, Inconsiderate 

How Gray sees himself: Cool, Awesome, Nothing can stop him, Who cares about the others except his AOMG crew

Jiyeon always tries to avoid Gray, but that's impossible because he can find her anywhere. They argue almost every time they see each other. It's usually started by Jiyeon's anger toward's Gray's presence. Most kids thinks it's cute. Others are jealous.

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