The Cliché Curse

The Cliché Curse

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fluffy By calculators Updated Jan 28

Kenzie Chase is seventeen years old, and her whole family has a thing - a cliché curse.

This curse happens to be true love. And while Kenzie used to make light of it her whole life, she was secretly scared for her time to shine-one which was rapidly coming. 

But when things start to fall apart, and plot twists start running rampant in her family, she wonders whether or not her cliché is still coming, or whether the cliché curse even exists at all.

Then enters Tatum Sage, professional rich-boy and heir to his father's grand empire. He was a damned masterpiece.

And he was the other half of her cliché.

[cover by @aurion-]

i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Jul 21, 2016
You had me at language
                              I love that you won't sugarcoat it cause I swear like no tomorrow
                              I hate it that a lot of books won't swear at all  because it's not realistic
                              Can't wait to read
peachiieeh peachiieeh Jan 14
I missed the old version of this, i first read it in 2014, and now i'm reading the new one in 2017
PajNraVaj PajNraVaj Jul 16, 2016
just seeing the "before" note already made me love it. love the humor!
naughty-nikki naughty-nikki Sep 01, 2016
omg the post it note idea is so good! i know a couple people i could stick that to lol don't we all..
findingpizza findingpizza Sep 26, 2016
Yea that's how I laugh I the comments,BUT DAMN how I wish you guys could see me rn coz i legit fell of my bed laughing, Im not even kidding
VanessaPhipps2002 VanessaPhipps2002 Sep 03, 2016
These are wise words, enterprising men quite 'em. Don't act surprised, you guys, cause she wrote 'em.