Bad Boy Leave Me Alone

Bad Boy Leave Me Alone

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Taylah By FlyingNinjaRainbow Updated Apr 21

Dear Alexis 

I have been watching you for a while now... 

You may have noticed. 

Anyway I am informing you that when I come for you don't try to run or hide,

Because I'll take that as a challenge and I quite like challenges. 

Yours sincerely... 

Well you will find out soon enough...

simmyx-x simmyx-x Jun 11
Bish plz✋🏼 i aint de one who looked gang raped by a crayola box! 😂 yeh bish i went der😊🙌🏽
The irony is strong with this one as I personally cake my face erry morning 😂
simmyx-x simmyx-x Jun 11
Ahhh ma main gals just slayin dem hoes🗡😂😂😂🙌🏽
Murigirl Murigirl Jun 22
The best down-to-eart, realist writer i've ever seen 👌👌👌👌✊
I wouldve insulted her by accident. She seems like a nice person but dont come up to me like that and assume things when i barely know you
diamond1839 diamond1839 Nov 14, 2015
I like you already :D She said 'don't be a little bitch stealing my work' :)