Beauty and the Deranged (Dagur X reader)

Beauty and the Deranged (Dagur X reader)

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Grace By Wildkitten01 Updated Jun 19

I got tired of waiting for season three of Race to the Edge, so this takes place right after season two. I will try to work season three into the plot as much as possible.


You've never been outside the caves. Not since they came. They killed almost everyone. Now they're coming back. They're looking for you.

Taken prisoner, you must tell them what you know about the Holder, or, as they call it, the Dragon Eye. The Holder was built by you're grandparents as a fail safe way too protect the knowledge. As a lycanwing, it is your job to protect the knowledge at all costs. As a princess, it is your job to protect you're people. Now you must choose.


Dagur is given the assignment of watching the new prisoner. They don't suspect him of freeing Heather. He has vowed to never let anyone get that close to him again. Not when it can get in the way of his revenge.

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keohnas keohnas Mar 15, 2017
Have you watched season four yet? If you haven't, DAGER IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have a mini heart attack when ever I see him!
fanboze fanboze Dec 04, 2017
What is her name? So I can make a ship for them!  😂😂😂😂😎
SweetLottleThing SweetLottleThing Jan 05, 2017
I love this story! You capture the characters beautifully! Keep up the good work🖒