Just To Shut You Up (KyoTama Yaoi Lemon)

Just To Shut You Up (KyoTama Yaoi Lemon)

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When Tamaki wouldn't stop venting to the twins over the phone, Kyoya was becoming irritated. So he decides to try to get Tamaki to stop.

Unfortunately, it backfired.

(This is my first lemon, so apologies if it sucks.)

Dude I'm constantly continuing to read this thank you for shoving you're phone in my face and making me read this! YAOI MAKES ME HAPPY!!!😍😍😍😍😚😘😘😚😘😙😚😘😙😍😚💗💗💕💕💙💜💖💘💙💖❤👄💘💋💖💋💝💟💟💛💖💝💗💝💗
Meh.. this wasn't that good-- *covers up nosebleed* Okay I lied this was AMAZING WJWNSKSOIW I'M TWITCHING IN EXCITEMENT