Smile dog X wolf reader

Smile dog X wolf reader

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spectranight By spectranight Updated Oct 16, 2016

Running through the woods panting with a shot leg was not my fortea. You ran as fast as your legs could take you Which was not far because your back leg was shot. You hid behind a tree watching as the hunters past by, your (f/c) fur blended in with your surroundings which helped you hide. You started to back away from the tree that you where hiding at when you saw coming 
" where did she go!" Shouted the boss
" I don't now " a guy said 
" she will go for a lot of money with that (f/c) fur of hers" he said calming himself down 
At that moment you ran as fast as you could. It seemed like they did not notice. You fled into a cave not even bothering to check if it belongs to some other wolf. You lay on the cold, dark, damp floor with your blood staining your fur. 

>Time skip brought to you by chibe Jeff< 

You where almost died with the loss of blood spilling out of the gun shot wound on your back leg. Darkness was taking over your body as you fell into a life long slumber 

-Smiles POV-