Smile dog X wolf reader

Smile dog X wolf reader

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spectranight By spectranight Updated Oct 16, 2016

Running through the woods panting with a shot leg was not my fortea. You ran as fast as your legs could take you Which was not far because your back leg was shot. You hid behind a tree watching as the hunters past by, your (f/c) fur blended in with your surroundings which helped you hide. You started to back away from the tree that you where hiding at when you saw coming 
" where did she go!" Shouted the boss
" I don't now " a guy said 
" she will go for a lot of money with that (f/c) fur of hers" he said calming himself down 
At that moment you ran as fast as you could. It seemed like they did not notice. You fled into a cave not even bothering to check if it belongs to some other wolf. You lay on the cold, dark, damp floor with your blood staining your fur. 

>Time skip brought to you by chibe Jeff< 

You where almost died with the loss of blood spilling out of the gun shot wound on your back leg. Darkness was taking over your body as you fell into a life long slumber 

-Smiles POV-

Jaylathefox Jaylathefox Oct 16, 2017
Brown and black she-wolf with one just   whole black eye and one pink eye
I'm just a jet black she wolf with scars and bright blue eyes...
"I walked inside to see a beautiful black and crimson, ragged-furred she-wolf, covered in scars." nice. I also have this really dark metallic green eye color :3
driley467 driley467 Feb 13
You walk in side to see a crimson and black wolf with scars and blick pirsing eyes
...........everyone is making up these unnatural fur colors while im here like 'I look like an American Akita! Yay!' Lol
White and black wolf with one purple eye and one red eye my of if that's okay