They Call Me Silence

They Call Me Silence

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sunlight_moon By sunlight_moon Updated an hour ago

Rose is a very powerful girl. Many packs would want her for her power, even force her into marriage. 

She was able to find a pack that wouldn't force her into marriage, The Red Wind pack, but it all went down hill one unfaithful day.

The Luna of The Red Wind cared for Rose as if she was her own daughter. When the pack was attacked the Luna left Rose to take care of her only son, Jackson.

Since that day Rose has been stealing food and supplies from other packs to stay safe and protect Jackson, but not as Rose but as Silence.

Silence is very popular, all packs know about him. He has stolen supplies from almost every pack and has never been captured. 

What happens when one pack has the only person she cares about, Jackson. She doesn't go as Rose to save Jackson, but as Silence.

What would happen if she meets her mate, but he thinks she is a guy?

Yay I don't normally comment, but this story is soooo good I just had to say something.😻😻 Please write more.