In Between Two Worlds | Attack on Titan Crossover Black Butler

In Between Two Worlds | Attack on Titan Crossover Black Butler

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Being in a world where humanity is almost at the brink of extinction and a world most specifically London,England are completely opposite from one another.One world where there is a scarcity of everything and where a noble can have everything in the palm of his hand. 

A girl named Bloom Mernim will be separated from her world and her fiancé.  Bloom is humanities strongest female, yet she has a strong hatred towards nobles. Having horrible memories about them when she was just a mere child. Will she learn to work with a Ciel or will Bloom never trust another noble again ? 


This my fellow reader is an Attack on Titan crossover with Black butler. 

This is my OC and I've had this story in my head for quite some time now.

Enjoy this story and i hope you grow fond of how everything works.

Just so everyone knows she likes the idea of cleaning but is just not OBSESSED with it like Levi is. I mean if she lives in a dumpy room with dust everywhere she WILL clean it. Something like a paper on the floor she wouldn't pick it she would say "f*ck it" and leave it there.
blacksun14 blacksun14 Jul 15
Well if she's a clean freak, it's obvious he would like her too
10/10. She likes cleaning just as much as I do, no wonder why Levi is engaged with her
midnight_diary midnight_diary Dec 31, 2016