Girl Wonder

Girl Wonder

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The possibilities are endless when there's a girl on the run in Gotham. She is very skilled on many different levels of training. Then again, she was trained by the best... herself. One might say she's the Girl Wonder, Girl Robin, but there is so much more to her than that. Not only does she annoy the Boy Wonder, she annoys Batman and many other Justice League members and sidekicks. She easily figures out Batman and Robin's secret identity. What will happen when the Justice League figures out who she really is, and what happens in her day to day life? When they find out her backstory? We may never know because they may never know a single thing about her other than the fact she's a girl on the run with a big ole scar on her face.

First book of the Birds of Gotham Trilogy

Inspired by @thelastflyinggrayson 's Don't Trust the Boy in the Red Cape. I just have different characters and the beginning of my plot was inspired by her book, but follow her and read her stories because they're truly amazing and asterous!

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writting33 writting33 Aug 30
WAIT.... Would we even realize if we lived on an earth 2 or 3 or even 576
trusttheash trusttheash Jul 05
it  is jade cuz it takes place in the same time she... ugh~! never mind!
nerdgurl001 nerdgurl001 Mar 17
Bruh I was confused when they said his name was speedy because he's not even FAST
We have the same birthday and I'm the same age 😨😵. Are you my TWIN?!
Same and if I could meet him I would bring 1 or 2 people with me
Jade, like, "Cheshire" Jade? No, b/c she's a lot younger than Cheshire nvm