Notice Me | Marichat

Notice Me | Marichat

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>:))) By _guiVi Completed

[ COMPLETE ] Two heroes, both normal teenagers, a strange and complicated squared-shaped love.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a 14 year old Parisian teenage girl, is one of Paris's greatest heroes, working alongside Chat Noir, who is secretly Adrien Agreste, her crush. 

One day, while on a stroll after a battle with Volpina, Adrien found Marinette in the ally way while talking to a ladybug-like kwami. Surprised, he found out that his lady, Ladybug, was actually Marinette and how they seemed so similar to looks.

He decided to not tell Marinette, but instead, continued to make her notice him as he falls deeply for both of her sides...

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HarminaGrant HarminaGrant Dec 14, 2017
I keep wondering, how come in almost every Miraculous fanfic, Cat calls Marinette "Princess." Please help! I don't know whyyyyy
MelaninBihhh MelaninBihhh Dec 13, 2017
Why tf do characters in aNYTHING always become blind when they see someone’s alter ego 🤦🏾‍♀️
milla64552 milla64552 Dec 04, 2017
i’m on a train and i read this and just looked around like IS ANYONE ELSE SEEING THIS
shouty3grey shouty3grey Nov 08, 2017
Okay, so you finally found the comparisons AFTER YOU FIND OUT SHE IS LADYBUG?!?!
Blackwingedangel15 Blackwingedangel15 Oct 08, 2017
All right someone stopped being oblivious.... now all we need is the real chat noir to stop being an idiot...
Violetta12365 Violetta12365 Nov 16, 2017
Привет, я ни слова не поняла , и мне кажется это не русский фанфик, так что я наверно пойду, пока😊