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Notice Me | Marichat

Notice Me | Marichat

12.4K Reads 707 Votes 6 Part Story
Potato By Yuushii Completed

[ COMPLETE ] Two heroes, both normal teenagers, a strange and complicated squared-shaped love.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a 14 year old Parisian teenage girl, is one of Paris's greatest heroes, working alongside Chat Noir, who is secretly Adrien Agreste, her crush. 

One day, while on a stroll after a battle with Volpina, Adrien found Marinette in the ally way while talking to a ladybug-like kwami. Surprised, he found out that his lady, Ladybug, was actually Marinette and how they seemed so similar to looks.

He decided to not tell Marinette, but instead, continued to make her notice him as he falls deeply for both of her sides...

XDarkRikuX XDarkRikuX Feb 17
                              *ships the two kwamis hardcore*
LemonThrowerFan LemonThrowerFan Oct 05, 2016
Chat shall not be Yandere chan... but still...
                              NOTICE ME SENPAI!
                              NOTICE ME SENPAI!
LemonThrowerFan LemonThrowerFan Oct 05, 2016
goku onions.....
                              does that mean that goku is the onion man????
                              *whistles illuminati song*
... about time he realises 
                              Oh wait this is a fanfiction!
                              ... damn you Miraculous Ladybug creator
KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 Oct 04, 2016
I wish I have a kitty like him... but he's ONE OF A KIND DARNIT
crazyotaku_ crazyotaku_ Nov 07, 2016
Uh goku onions I just died I don't even know 😂😂😂😂😂😂