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I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) ouat

I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) ouat

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CelebrityGeek By CelebrityGeek Updated Jun 01

"This is not the end of me..." I whispered in an attempt to sing one last time, and my hand reached up to press against my loves cheek, damp from his tears. 
  "This can't be the beginning though" he whispered back and pressed his cheek into my hand. 
   "It can be, for you" I said "Promise me something" I breathed and closed my eyes for a moment to catch my breath. "Promise me that you will move on, find someone else, I couldn't bear it if you were alone..." I said opening my eyes once more and my love shook his head. 
   "I won't be with anyone unless its you, Adaline" he said and more tears spilled over onto his cheeks. I looked around and the crew, stood around me and my love, had taken their hats off and held them to their chest in respect. One or two had tears in their eyes as well but I was too focused on the pain in my chest and on my love. 
  "But you must" I said and remembered our song "I know that your heart is still beating, beating darling..." I tried to sing in a broken voice but I was cut of with a cough and blood came up, I only just managed to turn my head away so that the blood fell on to the deck of the ship rather than onto my love. 
   "I know, but it beats for you" he said and hiccuped a little as he cried. 
    "I have to leave you now..." I muttered as the pain in my chest began to numb a little. 
   "No, I won't let you leave!" He shouted and the crew jumped a little. I smiled as best I could and I knew that I was crying as well now. Not in fear of death. I knew I should embrace my death, there was no way of stopping it from coming. I was crying in the knowledge of the pain my love was in and would be in when I had gone. I was also scared of leaving him. I know I would be dead and wouldn't well... be here to miss him, but I still felt the pain of missing him in my heart.

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