Stupid Little Doctor ( Yandere!Creepypasta x Doctor!Reader )

Stupid Little Doctor ( Yandere!Creepypasta x Doctor!Reader )

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❤️Killing Stalking❤️ By i_ish_love_candy Updated 7 days ago

Do you seriously think that you could make an Insane person be Sane again? Now that's quite funny, Hilarious even

In an asylum you should learn to act ruthless, merciless and 'cruel' 

And you clearly lack that talent, A psychiatrist who think that can help Mad people with just-! 


Now look at what your pretty little merciful attitude did...

Making them have an obsession for you doesn't help my Dear...

..You Stupid Little Doctor...

ImProudAndLovesit ImProudAndLovesit Sep 29, 2016
*clap* *clap* this is one great chappie by the great Author(or whatever you want to be called)
Ms_Internet Ms_Internet Oct 02, 2016
Nevermind, he's like those guys in a club, looking for someon to bang into then find another one.
Ms_Internet Ms_Internet Oct 02, 2016
I suddenly had a crush on the doctor, I got crushes too quickly. But lemme see the personality if he's one of a kind.
The_Foxicorn_Aidren The_Foxicorn_Aidren Dec 14, 2016
Me: sweetie we all are mad here *eyes turn red* knifes don't work on me
Kakou_Queen Kakou_Queen Aug 19, 2016
This is only the first part but this story is just so freaking good already, UGH why are you so good at writing?!
Iced_Bubble Iced_Bubble 6 days ago
Ehem.. I'm embarrassed but I just have to say it. 
                              I WANT A LEMON