Life, Love, and Liberation || N x Reader || Pokémon BW ||

Life, Love, and Liberation || N x Reader || Pokémon BW ||

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My Baby Violin By NekoJohnnyOtaku Updated Oct 13

After you and your friends Bianca and Cheren all get your first Pokémon, the three of you are ready to begin your journey. That is, until you catch the eye of a mysterious boy by the name of N. With his goal in mind, all he wants to do is help the Pokémon and have you join him in doing so. But you have other plans in mind, though sometimes it does seem like liberation would be good, you truly believe that Pokémon and Human kind can work together to make the world a better place. 

Starter is Snivy. 

Slight Cheren and N rivalry. 

Maybe Cheren x Bianca? 

I do not own any characters in this fanfic, nor the Pokémon games, card game, or anime. 

I also do not own any pictures except for the cover and some that I will state at the end of a chapter that they are mine if used. If you see a pic that belongs to you and wish for me to take it down, please tell me, I don't want to upset anyone. 

Thank you for reading.

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FangGirl25 FangGirl25 Aug 11
Nah I agree with snivy or as younger me called it Snivvie  (I pronounced it weirdly)
- - Apr 30
Especially if the battle has a lot of significance to the story
i saw this story and I'm like "omg this gon be kewl" Snivy was my starter :3 lol
- - Apr 30
You can try to like insert bits of dialogue between trainers as they battle