Funnny text messages

Funnny text messages

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0Wishful_Thinking0 By 0Wishful_Thinking0 Updated Jan 23, 2014

Her: How much do you love me?

Him: Well, look at the stars and count them. That's how much i love you.

Her: But its morning

Him: Exactly!

Amitynaturekindness Amitynaturekindness Oct 03, 2016
That is not very kind to say.How about they both confess their love for each other.
galaxy-kitten galaxy-kitten May 17, 2014
Why would you hit a bunny anyway!?!?! They are sooooo cute ^-^
galaxy-kitten galaxy-kitten May 17, 2014
I thought it was going toward something sweet.... But no.... He broke her heart..... 
                              Her heart was full=♥
                              Then it was empty=♡
thelastlullaby thelastlullaby Mar 09, 2014
at first I was like...aww how sweet...and then I read the rest LOL
0Wishful_Thinking0 0Wishful_Thinking0 Aug 22, 2013
aww @agentkw im sure you don't kill bunnies like peter cotton tail XD