Let's Stay Professional (l.h. + a.i.)

Let's Stay Professional (l.h. + a.i.)

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jess By yunghood Updated Sep 12

"Luke, no. You're my boss. We can't do this. Let's stay professional."

Or in which Ashton finds out that his drunken one night stand is the head of the record label he got an intership for and he tries his best not to fall for him. Does it work? Not really.

(Mature for swear words, mentions of sex, and possible sexual scenes in the future)
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I'm still snorting cause of him hooking up with lukey pooky cx god I'm on some type of drug
And I'm muke AF so I'm just gonna pretend Luke is having an affair with his assistant *eyebrow wiggle*
Meh life if completed I want to thank the author for helping me in this hard ship called life *smiles and shakes author's hand*