can't say | jung hoseok

can't say | jung hoseok

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?”jimin-ssi”? By park_pabo Completed

"you're not going to tell her, it's something you shouldn't say. it's something you shouldn't even think twice about, something that you know you can't do. something you can't say." 

a story in which a girl and a boy's relationship was intentionally made to be forgotten 


jhope x reader 
started: august 29 2016
ended: december 4 2016
can't say | jung hoseok
by: park_pabo
perspective: third person omniscient 
warning: vulgar language, intended lower case spelling, sexual humor, and dumb decisions made by your character

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Layan260 Layan260 Jun 05
So do they give u an actual baby?Because what if u fail?AHHHHHHHH!DO THEY DIE THAT STUPID!!
RM4LIFE12 RM4LIFE12 Jun 02
Me when I see, do or hear something so retarded that I just can't
glare all u want while yall can bitches bc when yall sleep @ night im gonna gouge out ur eyeba- OOF i mean
id shoot myself in the face if that class was mandatory @ my school
Anirahaj Anirahaj Aug 01
Can't relate I don't cuss and I'm a very nice person most of the time
i laugh a lil everytime i see pabo bc it's similar to this word in spanish pavo which means turkey