Percy Jackson and The Council's Army

Percy Jackson and The Council's Army

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              After the war, Percy thought he'd finally have peace and his happily ever after with Annabeth, but of course the fates had to disagree.
             It all started when a girl named Gwen claiming to be the sister of Octaivian decided Percy was responsible for her brother's death and wanted him ruined. She claimed to be a daughter of Venus. Octavian was killed during the war with Gaea because of his own stupidity but  percy's friends started believing the lies  this girl fed them and slowly but surely all he had left was Annabeth who supported him. Her  betrayal was the last straw and he left camp, heartbroken, shattered. That's when a certain primordial approached him with an offer : To become the right hand of an esteemed army's commander, And Percy accepted since he had nowhere to go anyways.
           Things were good for him a few years but when a nefarious plot threatens Earth and he has to return, what will happen?   Will the ghosts of his past haunt him? Or will he conquer them and go on to win the war like he's done countless times? What will he do when he faces Gwen and his "ex" friends? Find out only in " Percy Jackson and The Council's Army"


July 8 2016 -

frekalface22 frekalface22 7 days ago
If you think about it, him leaving camp is pretty much a death sentence in and of itself because he can't be on guard all the time and his aura is so smelly that monsters would converge on him like flies to rotten meat.
Hey, @jashparikh3 do you think you could indent and divide the chapters into paragraphs, please? It would make this story a lot easier to read...
MateImNotOnFiyah MateImNotOnFiyah Dec 01, 2016
This story is awesome! 😀👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
FandomKingOfAwesome FandomKingOfAwesome Dec 13, 2016
Good job. You had a few grammar mistakes in the beginning, but it's alright, it happens to the best of us.