The Alpha King Mate

The Alpha King Mate

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HappyCandy14 By HappyCandy14 Updated Sep 23, 2017

Faith's Pov

I woke up just a normal day for a werewolf. Yup you read it correct. I'm a werewolf. 

"Hey honey get up the Alpha king is coming for dinner" I nodded my head.

The Alpha king is the ruler of all the Werewolfs. He has the power. He hasn't found his mate and if he dons't in the next 2 months. They pass it to someone else.

I walk down in a black skinny jeans and a blue V-neck shirt. I put on my vans and walked down stairs.

"Happy birthday sweetie. The Alpha king called said he was going to be here in 10". My dad said

I walked outside and headed towards my best friend house. I knocked on his door and he opened it.

"Hey, Tanner would you like to come to dinner at my house?" 

"Hmmm......anything for the birthday girl" I smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks Tanner you're the best. I have to go see yeah later" I waved bye and walked back to my house.




Once I reached my house their was a black BMW parked in the driveway. I shrugged my shoulders and walked ...

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irwinfaith0 irwinfaith0 Jun 01, 2017
The fact I love werewolves, my name is faith and I love love LOVE 5sos
SamaRulez SamaRulez Jun 04, 2017
Umm I don't think that's how u spell kitchen but it's the word kitchen!!! K-I-T-C-H-E-N!! It's the place u get ur food which is bae...u can't spell that wrong
Music-is-my-lover16 Music-is-my-lover16 Aug 13, 2017
Well guess what xxsupergurlxx23 u just made a spelling error ur self so go jump off a cliff and stop being an bitchy ass mf to Happycandy14.
HazleMarie00 HazleMarie00 Mar 27, 2017
What happen to her friend that she invited to come to her house
Um ain't your parents just staring at you when you both kissed ;-;
YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen May 02, 2017 have a lot of mistake in the words and its not lieing its lying!!Okay?Repeat what i said L-yi-ng!Good?Good!Now apart from your mistakes were good :3