The Alpha King Mate

The Alpha King Mate

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Faith's Pov

I woke up just a normal day for a werewolf. Yup you read it correct. I'm a werewolf. 

"Hey honey get up the Alpha king is coming for dinner" I nodded my head.

The Alpha king is the ruler of all the Werewolfs. He has the power. He hasn't found his mate and if he dons't in the next 2 months. They pass it to someone else.

I walk down in a black skinny jeans and a blue V-neck shirt. I put on my vans and walked down stairs.

"Happy birthday sweetie. The Alpha king called said he was going to be here in 10". My dad said

I walked outside and headed towards my best friend house. I knocked on his door and he opened it.

"Hey, Tanner would you like to come to dinner at my house?" 

"Hmmm......anything for the birthday girl" I smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks Tanner you're the best. I have to go see yeah later" I waved bye and walked back to my house.




Once I reached my house their was a black BMW parked in the driveway. I shrugged my shoulders and walked ...

irwinfaith0 irwinfaith0 Jun 01
The fact I love werewolves, my name is faith and I love love LOVE 5sos
What happen to her friend that she invited to come to her house
Um ain't your parents just staring at you when you both kissed ;-;
ciilkiid ciilkiid Mar 27
Since he's 25 and she just turned 16 that's not right you should lower his age or raise hers
darknala darknala May 09, 2016
I think it's a little rushed and the spelling is poor other than that it's great😊
sarahbkhoja sarahbkhoja Dec 30, 2016
Wow  fast relationship already you said the i  love yous and everything