His Innocent Concubine

His Innocent Concubine

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Abeera By carelessbunny Updated Mar 04, 2012

"I will make this child's still heart beat again but her life will not be hers anymore..."

Nineteen years ago, Queen Annabella Snow gave birth to her first child. The baby was born with a still heart. Devastated by such a loss, she pleaded with the Demon King for her precious daughter's life. The conniving man agreed to give the girl life in exchange for her hand in marriage to his son. Desperate to hold her breathing baby in her arms, the Queen agreed without a second thought. 

Nonetheless, Princess Viviana grew up to be a vibrant young lady who had everyone wrapped around her mischievious fingers. The older she grew, the more concerned the Queen became and soon it was time. On her ninteenth birthday, the Princess was told about her 'engagement' to a man she had never met. Reluctantly, she consented to such an arrangement for the sake of her mother. 

But little did she know what awaited her...

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blissit blissit Feb 13, 2014
This seems like an interesting start , I'll give it a go aye ;) .
xInxThexSkyx xInxThexSkyx Mar 05, 2012
i like this prologue [: 
                              it makes sense and its really good prolgue :] 
                              thanks for the opp to read ur prologue.
                              check out the next chapter.
SwaggyN3rd SwaggyN3rd Mar 05, 2012
okay first i gotta say I LOVE THESE TYPES OF BOOKS. Sorry they're just dark passion lol. anyway i love your writing style, i got no tips for you so FAr, just keeep on writing :D
Tikimana Tikimana Jan 02, 2012
Oohhh breathtaking and heart-stopping intro. Will read on defo. ^_^
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf Dec 19, 2011
Oooooohhh good start. It's like Rapaunzel but more modern. I like this prologue :D Voted
carelessbunny carelessbunny Dec 19, 2011
@shirindee Thank u..lol, somebody once told me told me to lessen my commas and use more full stops..
                              anyway, thanks I'll work on tht x)