Who are you

Who are you

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"Marinette, GET OUT OF THAR!" Chat yelled as stone heart ruthlessly threw her into a brick wall out of his way. "HEALP ME" Mari screamed in pain holding here shoulder. Their was blood dripping dow her chin from the gash on here fore head. Mari ended up passing out in Alyas arms.

The next day Mari woke up in hospital with here parents, Alya and chat by here side. "Wh-what's going on, ch-chat is that you!", "yes Marinette, now pleas sleep". 

The next time Marinette woke up she was back at home and it was 8:00am "I'm lait for school" she said as she bolted up out of her bed. She piled on here pink jeans and tied here hair in here regular twin tails, she ran down stairs where she bumped into here dad "what are you doing out of bed" he said pushing here back up stairs "but dad I'm late for school", no  for the next week, or until your head heals" here mum chimed from behind the counter. Suddenly Mari felt here head thump and here whole body began to ache. "O-ok", she walked up to here bea...

  • marichat
                              XD XD XD
Demigodatheart28 Demigodatheart28 Oct 24, 2017
You did great. I except a lot from you to improve, English is a hard language and it takes a while to understand it, there’s too many layers and synonyms. I’m proud of your perseverance. Keep writing 🙃😉
Anime_Girl469 Anime_Girl469 Sep 09, 2017
i find this adorable when he had the akuma in the jar and hes waiting for her to come
                              idk i find it cute
I_Is_Watching_You I_Is_Watching_You Sep 13, 2017
Roses are red
                              But also quite prickly
                              damn! Gotta say,
                              THAT ESCULATED QUICKLY!
alorahamilton1234 alorahamilton1234 Nov 12, 2017
I speak american and I lived in germany for five years and I still remember american
1XxHiddenxX1 1XxHiddenxX1 May 02, 2017
*facleplam* YOU FINALLY REALIZE MARI LOOKS LIKE LADYBUG?? *hallujeah plays*