Who are you

Who are you

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"Marinette, GET OUT OF THAR!" Chat yelled as stone heart ruthlessly threw her into a brick wall out of his way. "HEALP ME" Mari screamed in pain holding here shoulder. Their was blood dripping dow her chin from the gash on here fore head. Mari ended up passing out in Alyas arms.

The next day Mari woke up in hospital with here parents, Alya and chat by here side. "Wh-what's going on, ch-chat is that you!", "yes Marinette, now pleas sleep". 

The next time Marinette woke up she was back at home and it was 8:00am "I'm lait for school" she said as she bolted up out of her bed. She piled on here pink jeans and tied here hair in here regular twin tails, she ran down stairs where she bumped into here dad "what are you doing out of bed" he said pushing here back up stairs "but dad I'm late for school", no  for the next week, or until your head heals" here mum chimed from behind the counter. Suddenly Mari felt here head thump and here whole body began to ache. "O-ok", she walked up to here bea...

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CookieDQ CookieDQ Apr 12
I didn’t even start and there was already so many things going on
mimhereboo mimhereboo Apr 18
*pokes head from around the corner and looks around* d-did I miss something?
Everybody who says ‘you can’t write’ or ‘check your grammar’, don’t listen to them keep doing what you love.
It’s good for your first I had writers block for 3 months before I could make a fan fiction that made sence
Honestly I sleep in every morning and make my mum forget it was a school day so I can stay home.