Can't live with you and without you (Grimmjow's love story)

Can't live with you and without you (Grimmjow's love story)

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~1 year ago~

Lord Aizen had summon Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez about fifteen minutes ago, but as usual he showed up late at the door walking toward his throne. "Grimmjow I assign you a mission to Karakura town, you'll spend the next four months studying the behavior of Annabelle Celeste" Lord Aizen explains him, Grimmjow complain "I do not want to babysit a stupid human girl. Why didn't you send Ulquiorra instead?" 

"I guess you're right, why send someone useless as you"


"You can't even handle this mission"

"I'll show you I can be better than that fucking pet of yours!"

"I doubt it"

"It's on. I'm going to Karakura!"

After bargaining Grimmjow opens a garganta, he steps in the world of the living as he glide through the skies to find the address given in a piece of paper. He lightly lands on the roof of an mansion as he crept nearby the open balcony overhearing a sweet voice sing, when all the sudden a young girl spins out in the balcony sweeping her way. She was short, ligh...