Silver Bullets || Zaylena

Silver Bullets || Zaylena

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Daddario, Matthew By zainclouds Updated 3 days ago

Meet Selena North, the new secretary for the Chicago Police Department. She just wants a normal life to escape her past, and try to avoid who she really is...

Meet Zayn Malik, detective for the Chicago Police Department. Having just lost his partner months ago, puts him in a tough situation. He doesn't want a new partner but the Captain insists on pairing him up. 

What will happen when these two meet? Will Selena's past eventually catch up to her? Will Zayn realize that what he once believed was fiction, actually exists?

Theme Song: Believe - Mumford & Sons (KNOTS Cover)

"I don't even know if I wanna believe, everything you're trying to say to me..."

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I'm already f*cking crying, It means I'm screwed for the rest right ?
I'm sorry but tall brunette with green eyes and a blue eyed blondie? Since the story started with my children from 1d I thought they were haz and Niall