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She faced a lot of misfortune in her life starting with the death of her father! Her mother tried to make things due but couldn't keep up. Once she fell ill, Robyn lost the only family she had left, well that she knew of anyway. She had an older brother but due to the strict household her father ran, he was kicked out on the eve of his eighteenth birthday. She hasn't seen or spoken to him in years but all of that was about to change. Her parents' having no siblings, custodial guardianship was granted to the next of kin! It was going to be tough thrown into a world she had no idea about. She was Rey sheltered and didn't know how loving with her estranged older brother would work out for her but she as she maneuvers her way through her new life it seems as if God had managed to bless her by sending her her own personal Angel!

Starring Chris Brown & Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty

This is the story of how a young girl found a second chance at life!

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snow4la snow4la Jul 07, 2016
Awww both lost their parents, connection there. Give her time to adjust she's not use to freedom
rnavy4life rnavy4life Jul 07, 2016
I fi fit very hard to believe that you are capable at writing a bad story! Thanks for yet another gem, I can't wait for the next chapter ❤️
sajdahaliyah sajdahaliyah Jan 01, 2017
Did this Nigga just say " I'm Angel but everyone calls me Angel."😭😭😂😂I'm stuck
alana193 alana193 Jul 08, 2016
lol she's trying to go upstairs and grieve and he's talking a mile a minute, trying to get that number at all cost.
Savage_Myla Savage_Myla Aug 10, 2016
What type of sense was he trying to make??😭😭😭😂😂😂
pamie06 pamie06 Jul 07, 2016
😌😌 I'll be waiting for her to understand what she felt