The Gathering,  Bloodmoure Chronicles

The Gathering, Bloodmoure Chronicles

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Aticus, a young man with a mysterious past faces a new and uncertain future. With the help of a peculiar dwarf and a group of companions, their journey together will send them on an adventure that will change their lives.
There are forces in the world, both known and unknown, that seek to control a mysterious and magical artifact that could forever alter the landscape of the world.  
"There is good in all of us, just as there is the potential for evil.  It is the choices that we make, that define who we are, and what we will become.  Is it possible for one person to make a difference?  I think yes."

A Wattad featured novel in fantasy -September 2017
Highest rank is Fantasy: #78 November 2017
1st place for Action/Adventure - August 2017 (The Elimination awards)
2017  Peoples Choice Award - August 2017 (Aim High Awards)
November 2017 - Specialty Award - Winner: Best Male Character (The Lunar Awards)
December  31, 2017 - 2nd place winner in fantasy (The Tick Tock Awards)
December 31,  2017 - 2nd place winner in fantasy (Phoenix Wars)
January 2018 - Runner-up in Adventure (The Dawn Awards)
Janyary 12, 2018 - Tied 2nd place in fantasy (The Chaos Awards: 2)

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WinterSleep85 WinterSleep85 7 days ago
This was a very good beginning! A lot of intrigue right from the start. I liked the dark atmosphere. The characters all seem interesting. A wonderfully ominous end. And it was well written.
MayaR-31 MayaR-31 Nov 23, 2017
Bet he is definitely wishing he was back on that boring old bench 😳
Not entirely certain about this sentence. It seems out of place in comparison to the rest of your story telling.
SwanJFHBylanderIII SwanJFHBylanderIII Nov 20, 2017
                              Mute Monks. Well that sucks, can't listen to monastic music.
A very exciting chapter! The descriptions were perfect, not too long or too short. They had the right amount of detail. Plus you did a great cliff hanger that only left me interested in knowing what happens next! 
GothicVampire222 GothicVampire222 Nov 13, 2017
Well there's a green man and an elf, so a super fast dude seems quite normal