Jøsh Dun

Jøsh Dun

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Amber By AmberViolet221b Updated Sep 05

So basically these are stories about you and Josh Dun :) 
They aren't like, someone else's name or anything.

So before you (hopefully) start this book, I'm guessing you have all read at least one fanfiction so you'll know that Y/N stands for "your name".
These stories have kinda got swearing in 'em, not all do but some...
Um, they also have sliiiightly mature references, so if you're like 7 or something then I just thought I'd warn you, not that that will make you stop reading or anything...unless you're really sensible... :) Haha!!

So I hope you enjoy them, (not the 7 year olds btw)...ok this is awkward...

Yeah I'm just gonna finish up already so hope you like 'em and pleeeaaase favourite them or follow me, that would be SICK. *quotes Tyler and Josh*

Ok ok I'm leaving seeyaaah ;)

My child had grown up *sobs in the corner 😭😭 writing fan fiction I'm so proud