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Rouge Dragons (silicaXM!reader)

Rouge Dragons (silicaXM!reader)

1.5K Reads 28 Votes 3 Part Story
JohnHatter By JohnHatter Completed

Fifth Fanfiction i have written. I do not own Sword art online, or any other games i may reference in this story. None of the art is mine too.

WhiteRose_ship WhiteRose_ship Jul 26, 2016
I just kinda imagined I was wearing nightingale armor from the start sooooo
At this point I knew, this was the abridged version of SAO.... SWEET!!!
JohnHatter JohnHatter Jul 26, 2016
That's fine. The pictures I used are more of just a opinion. Just what I imagined that (y/n) would wear.
Rober_EO_Speedwagon Rober_EO_Speedwagon Jul 30, 2016
I used to play skyrim until
                              I got bored and played borderlands.
                              You thought I was going to say until I got an arrow to the knee. Well you were wrong.
KaminaMatoi KaminaMatoi Dec 11, 2016
I've said it once. And I feel the need to say it again. No! Not Dusk!!
- - Dec 12, 2016
I'm not gonna lie that's what my skyrim character looks like lmao