Roasted ♡ Pyrocynical X Leafy

Roasted ♡ Pyrocynical X Leafy

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☆ Salterie ☆ By MasonTheDuck Completed

"You look like an actual faggot. And why the big hoodie? You got crippling depression or somethin? It sure looks like it with the resting dead face you have on." 

"Oh wow I'm gay, big deal right? And of course I'm wearing a hoodie. You know why? Because it's winter time you fucking idiot. You look like a feminist that gets triggered by everything, pussy. Nice talking to you, but I don't really want to anymore."

Calvin was the new kid and Roman tried roasting him. Too bad it didn't go so well and Calvin left, along with Niall following right behind.
《EDITING RN you know just fixing up some mistakes》

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EatMySpaghetti EatMySpaghetti Mar 13, 2017
Yeah, it's freezing alright 😏😏😏 it's so cold lemme just slip under the blanket with me bud amirite
- - Oct 22, 2017
Hahaha..Yea he is not even that bad! It's not like you would delete him of your whole life and never speak of him again unless in a joke. And not like the person you are talking to would be calling you 'best friend' in acople of years! That is just crazy!
SatireKawaii SatireKawaii Jan 03, 2017
What have we become 😔 ^^^
PizzaRia24 PizzaRia24 Sep 19, 2016
I read that as "after tweaking for about twenty five minutes" 😂
starryg00n- starryg00n- Aug 01, 2016
 #goals it actually is I really want to go to the woods one day and just do that xD
jelix_awaaay jelix_awaaay Sep 29, 2016