Sleeping Beauty: A Scömìche Story

Sleeping Beauty: A Scömìche Story

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40 DAYS TILL TØP By InsertWittyUsername2 Updated 3 days ago

Welcome to hundreds of years ago, where Scott Hoying and Mitchell Grassi are heirs to separate thrones. 

As teens, their close friendship develops into something... More. Something forbidden. And when Mitch pricks his finger on his sixteenth birthday and falls into a deep sleep, who will be the one to save him?

Based off the Sleeping Beauty ballet.

******NOTE- ignore the cover. This is no longer a mini story. It is a freakin full blown story.

--kenzie --kenzie Jul 07
My little sister was talking to me (she's 11) and it said that you posted it and was HOLD ON TO THAT THOUGHT LET ME READ THIS FIRST! Yeah I basically fangirled when you posted this.
Tess Tyler... 
                              Sorry I just watched Camp Rock.
Rena_H Rena_H Jul 07
Description is the key to a good story. You have to give the reader something to imagine along with. The way you described the king's hall place in the preview was perfect
I literally read the first paragraph really getting into it and expecting a whole page and then suddenly authors note
Rena_H Rena_H Jul 07
Lol that makes me think back to the Disney version of sleeping beauty where the prince was legit 8 years older than her