Han's Art Book ♡

Han's Art Book ♡

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han!! ☆ By hanlovespasta Updated 6 days ago

i'm probably going to regret this.

♡ ranked #4 in random 10/21/16 ♡ 

all art ©hanlovespasta // 2016

sharingmyjams sharingmyjams Jul 28, 2016
I can't move my drawings... like hOW DO THESE LIMBS WORK?
                              HALP MME
abby_exxx abby_exxx Jul 07, 2016
This is gonna make me depressed cause I can't draw for toffee ;-;
yifantasia yifantasia Jul 07, 2016
currently in love with the top right uGH I LOVE DYNAMIC POSES LIKE THAT
Piper496 Piper496 Dec 25, 2016
I LOVE drawing wings. Can I use these as bases please? I have a character who's a winged hybrid, but I've been struggling to find good poses with wings 😨
AyyImMiles AyyImMiles Jul 07, 2016
*looks at art and realizes he is not made for traditional drawing* welp, back to digital art ;-;