When The Wolf Meets The Dragon (Fanfiction)

When The Wolf Meets The Dragon (Fanfiction)

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All rights reserved to GRRM and HBO producers of Game of Thrones. 

Jon Snow, known as the White Wolf now sits as the King in the North with his sister, Sansa Stark. They now rule the north, the riverlands and the vale. Though news has reached them that the new Queen of the south, Daenerys Targaryen the mother of three giant dragons is about to come North to face them. Westeros is now divided into two and it's two rulers must now face to decide the future of the seven kingdoms but time is of the essence  for the vast army of the night's king march on the wall

Warning! SPOILERS AHEAD. This is mainly inspired from season 6. 
I used a few reference from the books but really really few only. I don't support any theories or predictions for season 7. This is just mainly made from my imagination. the dialogue, setting and chain of events in the chapter are from my imagination only. characters and Lore are from the author of course. 

I hope you enjoy reading! :D Comments and votes are much appreciated.

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