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Spectrum Book Club

Spectrum Book Club

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Spectrum Book Club By spectrumbookclub Updated Mar 16

Want a bigger audience? Suspect your writing is missing something but you don't know what? Afraid you'll go unnoticed on Wattpad? Then our book club is for you. Welcome to our family!

Here, in the Spectrum Book Club, we have two unique systems that ensures that every book is cycled for reviewing. Not to mention, we ensure that our reviews are nothing less than detailed and helpful. Interested? Read more about our community in this book and feel free to join us by filling out the form that follows!

Wolfgirl016 Wolfgirl016 3 days ago
Username: Wolfgirl016 
                              Name: Izzy
                              Book: Two Worlds, One Heart 
                              Genre: Fanfiction, romance 
                              Is it mature: No but is marked mature just to be safe
                              LGBT: No
                              Not willing to read: mystery 
                              Lbgt: yes
                              Anything else: Favorite song is Opal by Princess Riki.
-chryeol -chryeol Mar 19
Username: @-chryeol 
                              Book: Querencia ► Josh Dun
                              Genre: Fanfiction
                              Mature: Yes
                              LGBT: No
                              I'll read: Fantasy, Chicklit, Romance, General Fiction, Teen Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Action
                              Won't read: Historical, Spiritual, and Non-fiction
                              Anything Else: Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran
Bellamy_Mews Bellamy_Mews 4 days ago
Username: Bellamy_Mews
                              Name: Bel is fine
                              Book: Trusting Myths 
                              Genre: Romance
                              Is it mature: No
                              LGBT: No
                              Willing to read: Any genre except horror 
                              Not willing to read: Horror 
                              Willing to read mature: Yes
                              LGBT: Yes
                              Anything else: My fave song at the moment is 'Scared to be Lonely' with Dua Lipa :)
Username: @sallaria_ann
                              Name: Sallaria
                              Book: The Outburst
                              Genre: Action
                              No mature content
                              No LGBT
                              Genres willing to read: Anything but historical fiction
                              Can read Mature and LGBT
                              Anything else: Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde(From Hunger Games Mocking Jay pt.1
genny_ann genny_ann Mar 09
Username: @genny_ann
                              Name: Genny
                              Book: Night {The Elysian Odyssey Book 1}
                              Genre: High Fantasy 
                              kik: none 
                              Mature: only some profanity so far 
                              LGBT: No
                              Genres willing to read: anything 
                              Genres not willing to read: none
                              Willing to read I and ii? Yes 
                              Anything else: Sweater Weather
temanguby temanguby Mar 15
                              Book: The mafia's mistake
                              Mature content:yes
                              LGBT: no
                              Willing to read: romance,  paranormal,  thriller,  horror, vampire and werewolf
                              LGBT and Mature: I can read mature but not LGBT
                              Anything else: tinshe -ride of your life