Laurance X Reader {Phoenix Drop High}

Laurance X Reader {Phoenix Drop High}

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Dolan's World Fan By CoolioGalaxy Updated May 18

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You're in the Ro'Meave family.
You grew up with 3 brothers, two completely the opposite of you, but Zane is perfect for you!
You're adopted, none of the boys know, but you're also a Shadow Demon ((Shadow Knight + Demon)).

One thing you weren't expecting to go through in your 1st year of this crazy high school was  to fall in love.

Especially with your oldest brothers' best friend.

                              Sandy blonde
well im sad that i cant change my personalty because in real life im a goodie-two shoes
kerenray kerenray Jul 08
I'm going to put my hair into my tracer cosplay style aka a messy bun twisted and my bangs. LOL, don't know why I'm commenting this.
Wait, why do we have a last name if we're in the romeave family
MySadMelondy MySadMelondy Jul 07, 2016
I have a question XD why did you mention me in the other one? I was sleeping and just saw the notification and clicked and it said can't load story then j checked yo profile and was like well damn.
SenRoggersWrites SenRoggersWrites Jul 24, 2016
I know you said you howd you write like me some day and in all honesty youre really close to it. I really like this!