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Medication (H.S) (Previously Bloodlust)

Medication (H.S) (Previously Bloodlust)

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ItsZiambby By ItsZiambby Completed

"What is it you want?" I cried as his lips were roughly placed against my neck.  He growled lowly before placing his hips against my own. "Dinner."  My vision became blurry with tears, "W-What?"  His hand tightly gripped my hair as he yanked my head to the side. "You scream, you die."  I whimpered as he got closer, but another deep voice cut off his actions. "Harry, we don't have time for this!"   The man pulled away from me slightly to look at the other before smirking at me once again. "I'll make this quick then."   A sharp pain came from my neck and I let out a piercing scream that was cut off as he shoved his hand over my mouth. My throat ached from the constant screaming, but I couldn't stop.   He moaned in pleasure, but I couldn't say the same. A warm liquid was quickly running down my neck and soaking my clothes.  The pain was unbearable and my vision became darker when he finally pulled off. "I'll see you soon." He winked, rubbing his sleeve across his mouth. And with that the world left me and I felt myself crash to the ground.

buttface_mcfartsalot buttface_mcfartsalot Feb 01, 2016
harry i cant believe you drank your daughter's blood , imma call Lou
lvskira- lvskira- Feb 28, 2016
Anyone else thinking of the start of twilight eclipse 😂😂
"Cash me outside how bout dat!"
                              Is the rightful terminology for Harry's 'soon'.
Bigshot11 Bigshot11 Jul 15, 2016
Will she leave her house or be locked inside and never come out again.😯😯😯
alley17690 alley17690 Jan 31, 2016
Honey never walk down an alley way especially at night time...
avengers_queen avengers_queen Sep 17, 2015
I just want to let you know that the covers amazing, I love it