Field Trip To Japan ~ Adrienette/LadyNoir

Field Trip To Japan ~ Adrienette/LadyNoir

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On a Thursday morning, Adrien and Marinette's homeroom teacher takes them to Tokyo, Japan.

"This is where people of opposite genders bond," Ms. Bustier said to her class that morning. "Chloé and Lila have been getting in trouble lately, so they can't go."

So, this is basically Marinette and Adrien's class field trip. Only one/two chapters of LadyNoir and lots of Adrienette fluff. One sin action done in one chapter only, sorry! This is recommended for anybody capable of kissing :D! 

Completed Offically: December 8th, 2016.

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She got woke up at 10:40. The bus leaves at 11:40. It took her 5 minutes to get ready. She lives across the street from school but it it took her 54 minutes to move just a few feet?
*deeeeeep breath* Kid, you don't just walk up to a girl who blushes if you look her in the eyes, and ask who she likes. You could find out yourself if you WEREN'T SO OBLIVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sits, lots more deep breaths*
Almost everyone in the comments responds either like this
                              Poor Juleka
                              Or this
                              No Chloe or Lila. I'm happy with that.
Helbigo Helbigo Jul 16
Then she blushed at his blush and he blushed at her blush and she blushed at his blush and so on
I swear, Miss Bustier is probs one of the ultimate Adrienette shippers. Idk what emojis to put right now. Why don't they make emojis for specially fangirls/boys? Ahaksjjskkwjksnenxinejd
Gismo070 Gismo070 Jun 06
Where Juleka? Curse you odd number of girls compared to boys!