The Devil's Flowers || YoonSeok

The Devil's Flowers || YoonSeok

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J-Nope By Bangtology Completed

"Like if you love Jesus, ignore if you love the devil."

Completed 11.28.2016

1st book in the Underworld series.

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loo0ooba loo0ooba Jan 17
Its so strange it really is. But its good that somehow im left wanting to read more
i remember when he gave hobi a rose when they were walking it got me soft
ridingmei ridingmei Jun 14
i thought satan would be the one to laugh at children while stealing their candies and kick grandma's and grandpa's to a lake???? 
                              oh well lol
If I was the devil I would go scare the hell out of people for doing virtually nothing
Damn bitch I WISH the devil would come take me for ignoring those things
sadmuseum sadmuseum Jan 18
Well if everyone starts posting pictures of you instead of something scary then yo, 90% of the female population as well as gay males would sacrifice themselves or start to do some satanic rituals and stuff.