The Devil's Flowers || YoonSeok

The Devil's Flowers || YoonSeok

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J-Nope By Bangtology Completed

"Like if you love Jesus, ignore if you love the devil."

Completed 11.28.2016

1st book in the Underworld series.

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loo0ooba loo0ooba Jan 17
Its so strange it really is. But its good that somehow im left wanting to read more
i thought satan would be the one to laugh at children while stealing their candies and kick grandma's and grandpa's to a lake???? 
                              oh well lol
If I was the devil I would go scare the hell out of people for doing virtually nothing
sadmuseum sadmuseum Jan 18
Well if everyone starts posting pictures of you instead of something scary then yo, 90% of the female population as well as gay males would sacrifice themselves or start to do some satanic rituals and stuff.
sadmuseum sadmuseum Jan 18
First of all, Hoseok.... What are you doing? A stranger is in your house at this hour and is definitely satan then wtf are you doing?
sadmuseum sadmuseum Jan 18
I really don't think so that satan is free to seduce young boys when he has other works to do.