baby boy → yoonmin

baby boy → yoonmin

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hoseok's baby girl. By seokmastree Completed

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"My name's Park Jimin, but please call me baby boy."

Ended: 9.3.16

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btssstrash btssstrash Oct 11
me 2 I've read so much yoomin that it feels natural to say baby boy instead of baby girl
I love this baby boy. I can imagine he is so smoll.  😍😍
i like the name baby boy too
                              and baby girl for that matter 
                              regardless of someone calling me that or me calling my boyfriend/girlfriend that
                              but i do prefer baby boy
Lowkey wanna call my gf babygirl but she'll probably gag lmao
Omg this reminds me of my friend who wants to be called baby girl
smol_knife smol_knife Sep 12
I used to call my ex-girlfriend baby boy cause she found it cute XD