❛baby boy❜

❛baby boy❜

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"My name's Park Jimin, but please call me baby boy."

Ended: 9.3.16

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languablr languablr Jan 09
I hated pet names until i started dating my gf 😅 we call each other a variety of things 😂
TaeKookie_YoonMinie TaeKookie_YoonMinie Dec 20, 2016
Haha.. My parents & my older brothers called me baby kitten, idk why I think its maybe cause I'm the youngest😂😂😂
chimingotnojamseu chimingotnojamseu Oct 12, 2016
Tho i dont understand up to now, but its okay. The thing is i enjoyed this book. Thanks ya for writing this book. Appreciate a lot 💞