His Princess (NaLu)

His Princess (NaLu)

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Red of Wraith By 666reddog Completed

There was an ancient ninja clan called Fairy Tail. They was known for being the best and helping who ever needed it. They would only show up in times when something huge would happen. One of the members of Fairy Tail was known through the land as Salamander. He possessed dragon like powers of fire. He was known for being a little careless but always one to protect the ones he cares for. In this land of ninjas and magic there was a Princess hoping to save her country.

Her name was Princess Lucy Heartfilla and her father had been put under a dark spell by the new royal mage Mard Geer. To save her father and the people Lucy leaves the castle before Mard Geer used her to marry the a dark wizard to become the next king. As Lucy runs away Mard Geer has people after her. Very powerful people at that. 

As Lucy runs for her life, trying to find the ancient ninja clan she had heard stories about from her mother she runs into a man a year older than herself named Natsu Dragneel....

  • drama
  • fairy
  • fairytail
  • gale
  • guvia
  • jeriza
  • love
  • lucyheartfilla
  • miruxs
  • nalu
  • natsudragneel
  • tail
SarcasticKitsune SarcasticKitsune Sep 25, 2017
"Lucee" and "Lucy" are pretty much the same. Do you mean "Luce"?
Tabbycat3650 Tabbycat3650 Oct 15, 2017
She's active your too obtuse she such a right angel she belongs in a math problem
'I knew lots of people, granted many were girls, But I've never felt this way about anyone before ...' see how commas and a few different words can change the sentence? Yea.
akarl010 akarl010 May 31, 2017
The books great, but I was just wondering how do two people fit onto a saddle? I can barely fit on one myself!
Who the f calls their horse 'Sliver Moon' please tell me! Also 'Lucee' and 'Lucy' are pronounced the same way and her nickname is 'Luce' or 'Lu'.
StinkyLimes StinkyLimes Jan 10, 2017
I like how her mirror just happens to be outside next to a river