The Many Adventures of Johny Apple Weedseed

The Many Adventures of Johny Apple Weedseed

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The Incorrigible Mr. Zeppo By MrZeppo Updated Mar 24, 2019

99 years after The Collapse.  
Humanity has won the battle to survive the aftermath of the "End of the World", and a network of small townships has cropped up and begun to thrive.  
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Most survivors migrated in, towards The Interior where clean water still flowed and fertile lands could still be cultivated. Most people took great comfort in living as far away as possible from the Desolate Lands. But a bold few ventured out, in the other direction. 

These pragmatic pioneers left the growing opulence of the ever-expanding Townships of The Interior because they wanted to live in deeper communion with nature and heal the Earth. They built environmentally integrated homesteads, farms, Townships... far out, beyond the Pale, along  The Edge of the Great Waste, in the very shadows of the Dead Mountains, which stand tall as an enduring reminder of the self-destructive power of Mankind.

Living quietly among those bold FrontierFolk, is a strapping and stoic young fellow of 19 with an old soul and a long memory. The great Grandson of the oldest known survivor of The Collapse, Johnny is the heir to a strange and complex inheritance... which mysteriously includes membership into The Secret Order of Preservers, an obscure organization with a bloody reputation. Johnny faces a challenge- figuring out how to locate this order, so he can resign! 

But a confluence of circumstances beyond his control intervenes and sends him and his closest friends on many unexpected adventures.


Set 150 years in the future, this wilderness adventure series explores the aftermath of the cataclysmic conflict at the end of the "Zero Hour" series. 
Hope you enjoy! 

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