Bad Religion

Bad Religion

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Tia Mariee By Black_Thickness Updated Jul 28

Bad Religion? 

What the hell that's supposed to mean? You'll figure it out later. 

Meet Ocean, a dark skinned 18 year old female that's ready to give up life any time now. In her past she's been through alot, losing her precious mother in the army and then a year later Oceans lover has been murdered over the sins he made and now Ocean has to deal with heartache plus she never knew about what he has done until weird things start happening to her. 

Meet Malcom Knight, known as M.K. a brown skin, tall, built guy that is very DIFFERENT than any other boys that he hangs with. He's deadly silent to others but not his best friend Reese he can open up to him in a heartbeat. Even Malcom has been through hell just like Ocean but his sin is 100x worse than what Ocean lover committed. Malcom lost the love of his life and that was his little sister Tina, because of him and now he'll have to deal with the horrible memory until it's his time to go. 

But when Ocean and Malcom lay eyes on each other it was like the same way how Adam and Eve lay their sight on the Forbidden Fruit. But really they think alike and can not get along but deep down one of them has fallen in love and the other will not fall into the same category. 

But don't think this story will end how you want it to end loves, this ain't no love story right here, it's more can I explain it...well click on the "read" button and find out what does Bad Religion really means...

  • bad
  • forbidden
  • fruit
  • love
  • money
  • religion
  • revenge
Nope 💀. Why my mans face a different color than his body? Then his shape up on his beard about straight as ever 😭.
I laugh every time I reread this book and get to this picture 💀💀
Why she gotta be is not the time to ask ALL those questions.
QuirkyMisconception QuirkyMisconception Sep 18, 2016
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So it make me a perv dat I notice she ain't got on no bra??!