Lauren Jauregui Imagines

Lauren Jauregui Imagines

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h_g_13 By h_g_13 Updated Oct 02

Lauren/You imagines

Most imagines will be G!P


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BreadTrash BreadTrash Aug 30
Wait, that one dude called her a piece of šhit... OH HELL TO THE NO SHE AINT NO PIECE OF ŠHIT YOU DOOKEY HEAD
Did this maniac just.....called lauren...a piece of shît.....hold my phone, BOI CATCH THESE FISTS
Skye_Valdez Skye_Valdez Jul 31
Call her that one more time and you'll get all the unopened Capri Suns thrown at you bitch
What tf you talking about "piece of shît"  bîtch she's a piece of heaven
Lol my brother literally cut all his hair off because when we fight i grab his hair and pull it. He had a flat top and it always had grip so i would always drag him when he'd hit me. Now he has, somewhat, a buzz cut
But her hugging me hasn't triggered any pain from the knife? What am i? SUPERWOMAN?!