The Loneliest Wolf (Sciam Fanfic)

The Loneliest Wolf (Sciam Fanfic)

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[3rd book]
Scott hasn't been himself since Liams' transformation, the past few days filled with nightmares. He's not a True Alpha anymore, giving half of his power to Liam had done that, and he doesn't know how he can lead the pack without being an Alpha. Also not able to look into Liams' eyes without feeling guilty. But Scott has a choice to make, the pack coming to him with information. Stiles is missing since Liam got turned, the pack unable to find him, fear that his life is in danger. But that's not all, the pack encounter a new enenemy that gives Scott a familiar feeling. While searching for their best friend, the pack avoids being hunted by dodging explosive arrows and laced wolfsbane bullets. 

But does this new foe have to do with the disappearance of Stiles? Scott faces his biggest challenge yet- his past coming back to kill him.

A/N: This is a sequel to "The Lone Wolf (Sciam Fanfic)" and "The Not So Lonely Wolf (Sciam Fanfic)". 


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