Trill love

Trill love

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Seriyah above

Sammy POV 
I was chillin with dice when someone knocked on the door I went over to answer it it was only Derrick and seriyah who's also my ex from 11th grade I opened the door for them to come in 

"What's the smell nigga"I dapped Derrick 
"Shit nun bro"
I looked at seriyah who was busy on her phone 
"What's up riyah"
"Nothing"she didn't look up 
I walked over to her and took her phone out her hand 
"Give me back my phone nigga"
I looked at her phone"who's geo"
"A friend nosey bitch"
I laughed"now u not getting yo phone"I ran into my room and she followed she tried to grab her phone but since she hella short I but the phone in the air she jumped for it but still didn't get it 

"Come On Sammy give me my phone'' she got on my bed and jumped on my back to get her phone 

"Nope"I plopped on my back on to my bed I put her phone in my pocket she was hitting me but all I could do was laugh at her 

Seriyah POV 
Nigga play to damn much I eventually got tired so I stopped I ...

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