The Story That Has Everything (A Parody)

The Story That Has Everything (A Parody)

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SkyDancer By SkyDancer Completed

You want it all? And you want it now? Players? Vampires? Werewolves? Nerds and Jocks? Rockstars? Princesses? Kidnappers? Falling in love with your best friend? 

This short story has everything you're wishing for! Come in! Let's play: Spot the cliché!

(Attention: Parody ahead. Read at your own risk.)

  • accident
  • amnesia
  • bestfriend
  • bomb
  • cliche
  • diary
  • highschool
  • jock
  • las
  • marriage
  • nerd
  • parody
  • player
  • pregnancy
  • princess
  • superhero
  • teenfiction
  • vampire
  • vegas
  • werewolf
Alexzabdoz Alexzabdoz Jul 14
I always had this question about werewolves, how do they earn money? I'm sure they don't have enough time to do a job or something because they're busy fighting rogues. So how the hell?
Alexzabdoz Alexzabdoz Jul 14
Every guy is the hottest male model for her, she's ever seen 🐸
Fan_Girl_R5 Fan_Girl_R5 Aug 30
                              I DID NOT EXPECTED HER TO SAY THAT I THINK I CAN'T BREATHE!!!
Just as i was thinking, 'hey maybe she isn't that ba-' reads "he's the hottest guy I've ever seen!" *FACE-F#CKING-PALM!*
42. Question:
                              We're reading this in Toda's POV, but it was never mentioned that she met all these guys before, especially since it is only after their appearance she says how hot they are. So how does she know their names?!
Heidbrinkt Heidbrinkt Jul 21
I didn't count. This is the kost I've seen in one story and we're only three paragraphs in