Losing Lucy| Wattys2016

Losing Lucy| Wattys2016

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Invisible By SamiKallisWilliams Completed

What's worse than being ignored by your best friends.
Lucy has been ignored ever since "precious" Lisanna came back from the dead.
When her friends finally begin speaking to her again, it's not at all what she expected.
Their friendly attitudes had been washed away with time, and now they speak to her as if she were an enemy of FairyTail.

Well, that's only because the sly Lisanna had told so many rotten lies about her.

What will Team Natsu do when she leaves the guild. Celebrate? 

If only Natsu knew what lies Lisanna had been feeding him, them he wouldn't of hurt Lucy.

When Lucy returns to her guild years later, with Zeref, what will their reaction be.
Read to find out....

ftisawesome ftisawesome Dec 20, 2016
I swear I'm gonna stuff his own fist down his stupid throat!
Raven9540 Raven9540 Jan 25
She won't die, BUT I KNOW WHO WILL!!! Let me at him! He'll wish he'd never mess with Lucy!!! 💢💢👿👿
SylviYang SylviYang Jan 23
Yes. Of course Natsu. On every single page of diary that you just read, it had many brutal plans of hurting Lisanna--OF COURSE NOT IDIOT
misu_mishu misu_mishu Dec 31, 2016
I was crying and shaking and. I literally got a hammer and was hitting the wall so hard that I made a whole and NATSU YOU'LL BE SORRY *I have anger issues*
s39341 s39341 Jan 02
Seriously, every book I read that talks about Lucy's revenge, is Natsu hurting her, and I cry about it EVERY SINGLE TIME... I am crying right now too, but not as much as Lucy is.